We offer a range of nutritional services for individual clients and athletes, sports teams and coaches provided by a qualified nutritionist.

Nutrition plans

Nutrition plans

Nutrition advice

Our nutritional services are led by Dr Claire Cleland, a qualified nutritionist who has spent the last eleven years working in the field of nutrition and public health. Currently Claire splits her time between CrewFit and her work as a public health researcher.


CrewFit is not a company driven by dietary or supplement sales so you will only receive impartial and unbiased advice from a qualified nutritionist who holds a degree in Human Nutrition that has been accredited by the Association for Nutrition.

Individuals & Athletes

Dr Claire Cleland provides nutritional services for individual clients and as she holds the following qualifications IOC Dip Sports Nutrition and Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy she also provides advice for specialised people groups.



  • Nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires
  • Food diary analysis
  • Body composition assessment
  • Body measurements
  • Before and after photos
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Relapse prevention and coping skills

Nutrition plans

  • Meal plans
  • Specific nutrition program (7, 14, 21 days with/out review)
  • Food lists

How does it work?

Once you have made the decision to change your diet you will be asked to complete a food and exercise diary and a lifestyle questionnaire. Claire will then meet with you for a consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals, current dietary intake and lifestyle.


Goals can include but are not restricted to:

  • A diet overhaul
  • Weight loss
  • Weight loss maintenance
  • Toning
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • See an improvement regarding a health issue

During the consultation, Claire will outline a strategy that will enable you to reach your goals through goal setting, action planning, relapse prevention and coping skills. Following the consultation and analysis of your current dietary intake Claire will develop a personalised nutrition and hydration program in line with your needs, lifestyle and goals.


As you implement your new nutrition and hydration programs Claire can review your progress and adapt accordingly.



A variety of seminars are also available for athletes, teams, coaches, work places or specific people groups and can be tailored to a specific topic of interest.

  • Teams
    • Nutrition for performance
    • Hydration for performance
    • Pre season nutrition and training
    • Lifestyle, nutrition and sport
  • Coaches
    • Nutrition and your athletes
    • Hydration and your athletes
    • Athlete lifestyle and its impact on nutrition

    Each seminar will be tailored to the sport, age group, level and can vary in length. In addition, seminars can be designed to cover a specific subject of interest.

  • Corporate
    • Healthy eating
    • Knowledge of nutrition

    Each seminar can be adapted to a specific subject and/or time limit.

About Claire

Claire is a qualified nutritionist with over eleven years experience in the fields of nutrition and public health.

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